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PCA Secure Registration / Payments

Do you need a simple way to take credit card payments online - without adding the complexity of a shopping cart? PCA Secure may be the answer.

Our PCA Secure tool creates an online form for your Web site that collects basic user information and places it in an online database. Each time a user completes and submits the form, your administrator receives a notification by e-mail.

After your users hit submit, they are redirected to PayPal, Google Checkout, or your preferred credit card processor. The PCA Secure form automatically calculates the total payment and passes that information to the processing company to complete the transaction. Our clients currently use PCA Secure for things such as:

  • On-line seminar registration
  • On-line event registration
  • Collection of annual dues payments and dinner reservations for associations
  • Collection of donations to charitable entities
  • Collection of payments on invoices for services already rendered

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